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5 Cloud Trends for 2014

5 Cloud Trends for 2014

Jan 21, 2014 in Cloud, Infrastructure
There are a number of growing tech concepts, with one of the most popular being the cloud. While it can be difficult to actually pin down what the cloud is, many regard it as any service that is delivered over the Internet or a network. Regardless of how you define it, cloud-based solutions are beco [...]

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How Windows XP's End of Life Will Affect You

How Windows XP's End of Life Will Affect You

Jan 20, 2014 in Infrastructure

When Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, no one could have predicted that it would still be in use in 2013. More amazing, it isn’t just still in use, it is extremely popular!
How popular? Nearly 40% of the world’s estimated one billion computers run Windows XP. That&rsq [...]

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L8 Systems’ monitoring has been a source of great comfort to me. My workstations are remotely monitored on a daily basis. If I have any computer...
L8 Systems have always provided top notch capabilities for network deployment, server management, firewall and router configuration, security manageme...
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